Aim Solutions has a clear No questions asked Refunds policy. This has been our main USP over the years in our  business. Refund would always be via cheque, Account Transfer, Or Through payment gateway and would be dispatched within 15 working days of receipts of a refund request (via mail, courier). The same policy further is governed by the below mentioned basic policies which are broken down into 3 sections 1) Cash payment 2) Online payment 3) Cheque payment.

1) Cash Payment

All payment received for products or services purchased from us are covered under the Aim SolutionsRefund policy. Main requirements

  • A valid physical or online receipt should be available at the time of requesting for a refund.
  • In case of tangible products bought the refund is subject to return of product in original packing with all requisite hardware and catalogues. The product should be in the same condition as was at the time of delivery along with the catalogues. E.g of products being Datacard, SIM etc.
  • In case of any other intangible service has been rendered like extra early delivery cost or faster activation service a suitable refund after expense deduction would be given.

2) Online payment

  • a) The amount which would be refunded would be the same as received from the online Payment Gateway partner. Any deductions done before we receive the payment would be borne by the customer.
  • b) The rules for Tangible and intangible services remains the same as in the case of Cash Payment”.
  • c) In case of dual payment complete documentary evidence of the dual payment would have to be provided in hard copy or via email.

3) Cheque Payment

As a policy we don’t accept cheque payments.=

  • All Refund request to be raised within 15 days of cancellation of Product and service bought from Enterprise Solutions
  • Refund to be processed only for cancelled cases.
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