DD Free Dish DTH Mpeg4 HD Set Top Box Including Out Door Unit (Antenna, LNB & Wire)


DD Free Dish DTH Mpeg4 HD Set Top Box Including Out Door Unit (Antenna, LNB & Wire)

  • You Can Get Life Time Free Channels with This Set Top Box
  • 1080i Full HD Picture Clarity
  • Stereophonic Sound
  • Free Delivery All Over India



DD Free Dish Highlights

  • You Can Get Life Time Free Channels with This Set Top Box
  • 1080i Full HD Picture Clarity
  • Stereophonic Sound
  • Free Delivery All Over India

Technical Specification


Sales Package???? 1PC (DD Free DTH) Mpeg4 HD Set top Box, 1Pc Remote, 10 Meter Connecting RGB

Coaxial Cable, 1Pc RCA Cable, 2Pc Battery for Remote, 1Pc LNB, 2Pc RGB Connector,

2Pc RGB Connector, 1Pc Out Door Unit- Antenna.


Brand??????????? DD Free Dish

Type????????????? Mpeg4 HD Set Top Box

Color ???????????????Black


Connectivity??? ?????????????????????HDMI & RCA

WARRANTY Period???? ??????1 Year Warranty of Set Top Box by DD Free Dish ? You need to courier Your

Set Top Faulty Set Top Box from Your Side at Retail Office Address

and They will send you repaired set top box at your address.

Service Type??????????????????????? Carry in Service Set Top Box Service, And for Installation ?You can Install

yourself this set top if you can arrange drill machine or you have already a

Drill Machine Otherwise you can You can also get the installation done by

the local Electrician/installation team We will send you an Installation Guide

Video Link with This Setup Box.

About DD Free DTH

DD Free DTH is India?s only Free Direct-To-Home Service previously known as DD Direct +. This service was launched in December, 2004. DD Free DTH service is owned and operated by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati (Door darshan).

What is DTH?

DTH is Direct to Home service for receiving TV service directly through satellite with a personal small DTH antenna. DTH service does not require a local cable operator for receiving TV service at home.

What is DD Free DTH?

Door darshan?s DTH service which known as DD Free DTH was launched in December 2004 with the modest capacity of 33 channels. This service was inaugurated by Hon?ble Prime Minister of India. DD Free DTH has been upgraded from time to time. At present its capacity is 104 SDTV channels along with 40 Radio channels. DD Free DTH is available in Ku-Band on GSAT-15 (at 93.5?E). This Ku-Band DTH service provides the TV coverage throughout the Indian territory (except Andaman & Nicobar Islands). DTH signals can be received through a small sized DTH receive system (i.e., Set Top Box and DTH of size of 60 to 90 cm in diameter) for which no monthly subscription fee is payable by the viewers.

Future of DD Free DTH?

Expansion of DD Free DTH has been carried out from time to time. With the introduction of new MPEG-4, DVB-S2 stream, the present capacity of 140 SDTV channels and 40 Radio channels is likely to be enhanced in near future. There is also plan to introduce HD channels in the bouquet of DD Free DTH. The 80 channels of MPEG-2 streams will also be expanded to MPEG-4 in phased manner.

How DD Free DTH is different from other DTH systems?

Most of the DTH operators, provide paid DTH Service. In the paid service, the DTH operator?s uplink the encrypted TV signals to the satellite and the signals are received by subscribers through a DTH receive system having a DTH Antenna and one Customized Set Top Box (DIGITAL DECODER). By choosing the bunch of various desired TV channels subscribers are charged by DTH operator for viewing these channels.

Whereas, viewing channels on DD Free DTH is absolutely free, as Door darshan is not charging any monthly subscription fee from the viewers for complete bouquet of the DD Free DTH channels, making the system quite affordable. It requires only a small one-time investment in purchasing a DTH Receive System containing Set-Top-Box and small sized DTH Antenna with LNB.

How to receive DD Free DTH?

Receive system of DD Free DTH contains three units: 1) One small sized DTH Antenna along with LNBF 2) Indoor Set-Top-Box (STB) also known as IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder) and 3) Handy Remote-control unit for STB. DTH Antenna installed at the roof top or on wall facing clear south receives the signal from satellite and transmits it to the indoor Set top box unit. The set top box further decodes the different TV channels from the DTH bouquet and feeds it to the TV set for viewing.

The complete DD Free DTH system (DTH Antenna, Set Top Box and Remote-control unit) is a one-time purchase from the open market with a nominal cost. There is absolutely no further recurring expenditure in terms of monthly subscription etc. for viewing DD Free DTH Channels.

Door darshan has recently empaneled eleven Indian Set Top Box (STB) manufacturers who will manufacture, sell and install DD Free DTH STBs in India.?

1.Satellite Name:
a) Go to Installation menu or setup Programme from remote.
b) Select Satellite Edit menu.
c) Select Add New Satellite menu.
d) Select Sat Name Edit menu.
e) Enter Satellite Name as GSAT-15.
f) Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5? E.
g) Press Exit.

2.LNB Configuration:
a) Go to LNB Configuration menu. Ensure that satellite selected is GSAT-15 only.
b) Set LNB Types as Universal.
c) Set LNB Power on.
d) Press Exit.

3.Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit:
a) Go to Transponder Edit menu. Ensure that satellite selected is GSAT-15.
b) Select Add New TP menu.
c) Enter TP Frequency as 11090 MHz.
d) Select Symbol rate as 29500 Ksps.
e) Select Polarization as Vertical.
f) ?22K? OFF*.
g) ?Disc. Equal?. Off.
h) Select Scan as FTA.
i) Press OK.

After filling the above values go to ?Search? ?Press ?OK? The new 16 TV and 06 Radio services will be displayed. Similarly add all other four Transport streams (TPs) by entering respective frequencies, symbol rate and polarization as given in Table above.?Note: ??The above-mentioned steps may be in different order in some of the STBs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Technical Issues:

  1. How to update the changes in TV channel tuning manually in non iCAS STB?


Following are the steps to be followed to scan or search the channels on DD Free Dish DTH bouquet.

Press ?Menu? Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set-Top-Box
Go to ?Installation? or ?Setup Programme?
Fill the details as below?:

  1. How to delete TV channel programme in STB manually?

Ans: The procedure to delete TV Channel programme in the TV channel list varies from make to make of STBs. Follow the procedure mentioned in the installation manual supplied along-with the STB.


Following are the steps to be followed to delete channels in TV channel list:

Go to ?Edit Programme?.
Select- ?Delete Option?.
Select the channel, using up down key.
Press ?OK?.


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